In this week’s discussion board we are going to examine how the industry trends that are impacting health care organizations determine the skills and abilities that a health care manager needs to be successful.

Some industry trends to consider include:increased use of technology and analytics, focus on cost reduction and improvements in quality, increased competition, focus on patient satisfaction, increasingly complex regulations, changes in health policy.

Some managerial competencies to consider include: ethics, organizational design, teamwork, managing resources, planning, decision making, leadership, motivation, change management, and communication.

For your original post:

  • Select a health care organization. You can select any health care organization of interest — a hospital, an insurance company, a long-term care facility, a pharmaceutical company, a community clinic, a durable medical equipment company, etc.
  • Explain the services/products provided by this organization.
  • Identify and explain the key health care industry trends that impact the type of organization that you selected.
  • Explain which specific management skills a manager would need to help the organization that you selected to adapt to the industry trend that you identified. Be sure to identify the connection between the industry trend that you selected and the management skills that a person would need to help the organization adapt to the industry trend.

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