The Timber Building Company modifies and builds portable offices and homes based on customized plans. The company has been in business 35 years and has prided itself on providing a very competitive salary and great benefits as well as retaining most of their original employees. While they originally began the company doing creative designs and one-of-a-kind housing and office buildings, much of the routine work in the factory is now done robotically. They still need a supervisor and technicians to keep the operations running, as well as the construction crew who actually deliver and construct the products on site. Although the designs might be modified slightly now, they are already in the company computer and ready to produce with some small modifications when needed. There are two main engineers, one who predominantly works on high-end mansions, and the other who predominantly works on corporate office projects from Timber’s main offices.

The CEO and president (the husband and wife team who are the founders), are the ones who meet with prospective corporate clients and negotiate the prices and building parameters. While the company used to construct low-income housing as well, the clients are now almost exclusively wealthy private clients or corporate titans. The CEO and the company president are beginning to think about retirement. They want to keep the company running, but they cannot understand why the two engineers seem unmotivated when they are receiving such competitive salaries and great benefits with 3 weeks’ vacation a year. In addition, the production line has had more problems of late, and the supervisor seems to be coming in late several times a week, as have the technicians. They are worried about the future of the company they built.

Checklist: Minimum Submission Requirements

Using critical thinking and analysis:

  • Summarize the problems at the company that are possibly affecting employee motivation and performance.
  • Analyze motivation theories as provided in your text and learning activities (providing proper attribution) to explain the engineers’ lack of motivation.
    • Name the theory or theories.
    • Define the theory or theories.
    • Explain how the theory or theories apply/applies to the scenario.
  • Analyze motivation theories as provided in your text and learning activities (providing proper attribution) to explain the supervisor’s, technicians’, and construction crew’s lack of motivation.
    • Name the theory or theories.
    • Define the theory or theories.
    • Explain how the theory or theories apply/applies to the scenario.
  • Explain how the CEO and president might better motivate employees to improve performance.
  • Do some research in the Purdue Global Library and provide a short quote with the appropriate citations from each of at least two scholarly* articles that integrate research into your analysis to provide support for your claims. These citations should have accompanying references on the separate reference page following current APA format and style. (Access current APA formatting and citation resources in the Unit 1 Reading area. For additional writing resources, see the Academic Success Center resources in the Academic Tools area of the course.)
  • Your essay should demonstrate a clear and sustained point of view.
  • Submit your 2- to 3-page expository essay with additional title and reference pages using APA formatting and citation style to the Dropbox.

*Scholarly sources have been put through a peer review process by experts in the field to ascertain that the content is original, supports any statements or claims with viable research, etc. Select “Library” under the Academic Tools area. Then select “Peer Reviewed” before doing your search on a topic.

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In each of the following, several epistemic reasons are given to believe something. Which is the strongest reason? What makes it stronger? a. John, Susan, and Terry all believe that the bank robber was a male. John was there during the robbery and saw the robber. Susan read about the robbery in the newspaper. Susan told Terry about the robbery. b. John and Susan both believe that the acid caused the chemical reaction. John read in a textbook about the likely causes of such a reaction. Susan performed several experiments to rule out other possible causes. c. Susan and Terry both believe that their checking accounts are overdrawn. Terry got a phone call from his bank telling him about his balance. Susan noticed it when she was balancing her checkbook last night. d. John and Susan believe that some early settlers in New England suffered real hardships. John read some original diaries written by early settlers. Susan saw a documentary on TV. e. John and Susan both believe that building a new bridge will greatly reduce the current traffic problems. John based his belief on a comparison of the proposed bridge and the traffic problems to those in other cities. Susan believes it because she heard the city planners claim that the bridge would reduce traffic problems. f. John and Susan both believe that raising the minimum wage would lead to higher unemployment among the very poor. John believes it because he thinks that it follows from what he learned in his economics class. Susan believes it because she works in an unemployment office and has seen the unemployment lines grow after the wage has been raised in the past. In (a) in (C), if the belief had been that the robber was a male with a long criminal record, then Susan’s belief would have been better justified than John’s, since it is hard to tell just by looking whether someone has a criminal record, but this is the kind of information a newspaper report would get right. For each of the other questions in (C), change the shared belief but not the kind of evidence each character relied on, so that the other person’s reasons are stronger.

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