– 500 word Poster Assessment
Topic: Ethical Dilemmas the Pull between the personal and the professional.
Poster: A3 page size with 500 words (+/-10%) The poster assessment is designed to help you explore potential conflicts (ethical dilemmas) between your personal moral values and the professional ethical codes that you will encounter in your future professional practices. The point of this exercise is to create a poster that might guide assist others in resolving ethical dilemmas that they face in professional practice. For this assignment, a few key terms: Moral values – personal judgements about what is right/wrong (good/bad) based on what we value as important. These are often driven by communal or societal norms (such as cultural influences, the social context of our lives, family, religion, etc.). Ethical Code – the standards of right/wrong or good/bad that assist with the assessment of what is good/bad (right/wrong) in certain communities or social settings (such as in a professional context). Ethical Dilemma (aka moral dilemma) – A conflict in decision-making as a result of conflicting moral and ethical values. In the context of the assessment, this is where there is a conflict between personal moral values (suggesting one pathway) and the standards of behaviour/outcome set by the professional Ethical code (or code of conduct).

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