ERP Issues
Its a critical thinking question!

Choose only one of the following ERP issues and start talking details about it. (Only One)

ERP: Criticla Success Fators (CSFs)
ERP: Success/Failures
ERP Failures
ERP: Life cycle
ERP: Implementation

Pick any of the ERP issues and talk about it in details!
You need to talk about the causes of these failures
Reasons for the failures
Drawbacks etc
Introduction about ERP

Table of contents
Divide the body into different sections

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(a) Explain fully the effect of the use of debt capital on the weighted average cost of capital of a company. (6 marks) (b) Millennium Investments Ltd. wishes to raise funds amounting to Sh.10 million to finance a project in the following manner: Sh.6 million from debt; and Sh.4 million from floating new ordinary shares. The present capital structure of the company is made up as follows: 1. 600,000 fully paid ordinary shares of Sh.10 each 2. Retained earnings of Sh.4 million 3. 200,000, 10% preference shares of Sh.20 each. 4. 40,000 6% long term debentures of Sh.150 each. The current market value of the company’s ordinary shares is Sh.60 per share. The expected ordinary share dividends in a year’s time is Sh.2.40 per share. The average growth rate in both dividends and earnings has been 10% over the past ten years and this growth rate is expected to be maintained in the foreseeable future. The company’s long term debentures currently change hands for Sh.100 each. The debentures will mature in 100 years. The preference shares were issued four years ago and still change hands at face value. Required: (i) Compute the component cost of: – Ordinary share capital; (2 marks) – Debt capital (2 marks) – Preference share capital. (2 marks) (ii) Compute the company’s current weighted average cost of capital. (5 marks) (iii) Compute the company’s marginal cost of capital if it raised the additional Sh.10 million as envisaged.

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The computer and the Internet are among the most important inventions of our era, but few people know who created them. They were not conjured up in a garret or garage by solo inventors suitable to be singled out on magazine covers or put into a pantheon with Edison, Bell, and Morse. Instead, most of the innovations of the digital age were done collaboratively. There were a lot of fascinating people involved, some ingenious and a few even geniuses. This is the story of these pioneers, hackers, inventors, and entrepreneurs—who they were, how their minds worked, and what made them so creative. It’s also a narrative of how they collaborated and why their ability to work as teams made them even more creative.

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