Closed loop system vs. linear systems Sustainabiliry in textile industry has become an extensively deb.. issue due to the nature of the industry. Products of this industry cover the fundamental needs of every single human being on the planet. On the other hand, the apparel value chain has a lot of production shps, spreads over a multitude of countries and means both for the countries involv.: income and in lot of cases h., harm to environment and society. With issues becoming more a. more visible, sustainabiliry in the apparel industry is discussed worldwide and with increasing intensity. Global textile retailing companies become aware that their business will not . successful in the long terrn unless they do not find solutions. Purchase decisions of customers are no longer only made bas. on fashion and comfort. Consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly arid ‘fair textiles. ‘Ending the era of dirry textiles° is Me title of an attic. about the ,ustainable Development Impact Surnmie of The World Economic Forum and it is not cl.r whether this expresses an expectation or only a hope for future development.’ To meet shkeholders’ increasing expectations and reduce the risk of negative social and environmenMI externalities, apparel firms across all market levels, such as fast fashion brand FIRM, outdoor wear brand Patagonia, and luxury bra. Louis Vuitton, have implemented various approaches to enhance the level of sustainability in their supply chain management One of the approaches to improve the situation puts the focus on product retums. circular economy seeks to move beyond fashion’s linear model of take, make and wash to close the loop, designing out waste and minimizing environmenMI impacts. Recycling has become an important initiafive. lakA, for example, has a garment collection scheme, repurposing

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