Due date: Week 13 – Wednesday 22 June 11.55pm

1.In one paragraph (about 300-400 words), describe an ethical dilemma that you have experienced. You must present an original dilemma, not one copied from the internet with different names. Remember, a dilemma involves making a moral choice between two or more alternatives (5 marks).

2. Draw an Ethical Decision-Making Model to illustrate the dilemma above. Your model should include: a statement of the dilemma in one sentence; one response using situation ethics and another response using the ethics of care theory; and your ethical resolution (10 marks).

NOTE: Save your dilemma as a word or PDF document. You can present the dilemma creatively. There isn’t one format to follow for the dilemma, As long as part 2 is a DIAGRAM, this is fine. Use boxes to place your ideas within – like a flow chart.

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