Assignment Type:Assignment

Assignment Description:Reflective Piece

Team or Individual:Individual


Word count:1000 words(plus or minus 10%)

Format:Ensure appropriate use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander terminology as per SNM guidelines.

Your reference list must contain a minimum 7 references, 10 years old or less, from a mixture of unit lectures/content, journal articles, books and credible websites (e.g. Australian Indigenous health info net). Remember to reference individual chapters of edited books e.g. Biles and Biles. Format as pertheSMNAssessmentGuidelinesand ECUReferencingGuide.

Unit Learning Outcomes:

  • LO1, 2, 5


  • via Canvas > Turnitin ( open your assignment in Turnitin when it has been marked so you can see your feedback and grade)


  • All unit assessments are subject to a robust moderation process. Note that results are not final until they are released at the end of semester.

Assessment Instructions


If you have any questions relating to this assessment task, please go to the discussions and post your questions there. Reflect on the following image: Not in the same boat-1.JPG

Part 1: Explain your understanding of the image above and describe which ‘boat’ you relate to and why. Link back to the unit content.

Part 2: Do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have the same opportunities for education, economic advancement and good health as other Australians? Why or why not? Link back to unit content.

You may refer to the unit texts, videos or resources as background to your learning but you will need to be specific about which module, chapter or resource influenced your response. You also need to support your reflection using journal articles, books or audio-visual sources (professional documentaries by credible sources) that are not in the unit content but they must be able to be located via an active weblink and properly referenced. You do not need to use Gibbs reflective cycle or other frameworks for your writing. Write approximately 500 words for each part. You may write in first person if you wish but sentence structure, spelling and grammar must be in academic style. Do not include an Introduction or Conclusion. For example: Part 1: When I first looked at the picture of the pineapple, what struck me was how unlike other fruit it was. In addition, my understanding of the caption (…) was that it means (…) I can see that it relates to what we learned about the definition of ‘fruit’ as having seeds on the inside (reference) and I thought about other examples of fruit that didn’t fit that definition (reference). I thought about my own experience with fruit, for example, I once ate strawberries which also don’t have seeds inside and that made me think about what “fruit” actually means to me. Once I understood the concept of “fruit” it changed the way I looked at the picture of the pineapple, I moved from being certain that it was a fruit to accepting that other people may not think of it that way.

Part 2: Pineapple is an inappropriate topping for Pizza

My initial response to the above statement (part 2) was that I disagreed with the concept of pineapple being an appropriate pizza topping. This is because fruit is generally sweet (reference) and pizza is generally savoury (reference). In my cultural background, foods that are sweet and foods that are savory are generally eaten separately (reference). However, when I watched the video, Traditional ways of making Pizza (reference), I was encouraged to consider a different perspective. I was surprised to see people enjoying a variety of fruit toppings on their pizza and this challenged me to try pineapple on pizza and to incorporate this new knowledge into my future ways of cooking. Referencing learning materials: 1) if possible, refer to the main source e.g. if the lecturer or tutor refers to a book, video or article 2) be specific – don’t say “I liked lecture 2 it was interesting”, rather say: The concept of enculturation was discussed in lecture materials for module 2 (Garvey, 2020) 3) For the end text reference for a lecture – use the following format

  • The author of the lecture either Garvey, D, Schultz, B or McCullough, K
  • date (2020 for all materials because that was when the unit was written),
  • then the title of the lecture e.g. “Culture” or “Tutorial Activities module 2”
  • For the publisher write ” NUM2308, Edith Cowan University”

It might not be perfect APA style but is ok for the purposes of this reflection. 4) You MUST reference the specific chapter you are referring to in the Biles and Biles Text book. You will see that each chapter has different authors so they are a separate end-text and intext reference. Look up “how to reference a chapter in an edited book in APA 7th” for guidance.

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