1. Review: binary/octal/decimal/hex

Translate the following numbers into decimal then octal & hex (show working):

Binary Octal Decimal Hexadecimal (Hex)
00001010 012 (=1 x 8 + 2 x 1) 10 (from bin = 1×8 +


00011010 032 ( )
00001111 017 ( )
11111111 377 ( )
10000000 200 ( )

2. Review: ones & twos complement

Research ones complement and twos complement, write in your own words: What are they, why use them, and examples.

3. Desktop vs Server Operating System

a. Describe a desktop operating system and a server operating system, and briefly mention how these two are different from each other.

b. Discuss some different types of server hardware that might run a server operating system that would distinguish it from a normal desktop setup.

4. Devices and drivers

a. What is a device driver?

b. How do operating systems use device drivers?

c. What devices might require device drivers?

5. You are going to find, download and run a program called ‘PC building simulator’ then use the ‘Tutorial’ option to build a virtual PC.? There is no guide, you need to make notes of what you do?(write instructions as you go)?. Read the on screen tutorial instructions carefully. Step 1. Find ‘PC building simulator’, download & run Step 2.

6. When you are finished find the shop and add up the cost of all the parts you used

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