write an essay on how the data should be analyised ( like a plan or something in essay format).. so they request from us to write an essay with 3000 words about the below.
make a compelling case to the Top Management Team (TMT) of your organisation to develop a people analytics project to overcome some inefficiencies and poor effectiveness in a specific HR function of your choice (e.g., recruitment, selection, training and development, performance management, pay and rewards, etc.). Your end goal is to convince the TMT that your project will benefit the organisation, its managers, and its employees.
To make your case:
1- Choose only one (1) HR function as your focus.( I choose employee retention at oil and gas company)
2- Make sure to discuss why and how the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in your chosen HR function are arising and how they are affecting other (related) HR areas such as HR planning, talent management, legal compliance, performance management, training, succession planning, etc. [You may think of these as your hypotheses]
3- Discuss how the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness are negatively impacting the organisation, managers, and employees.
4- Then present your argument for how a people analytics project could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your chosen HR function, and how benefits would accrue to the organisation, managers, and employees. To do so, consider the following:
a) What kind(s) of data would you need to collect, and why?
b) What kind(s) of analysis would you propose, and why?
c) What would be the limitations of your analysis or project as a whole?

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