2806NRS Research in Nursing
A2 Written Assignment – Annotated bibliography
1200 words, Weighting 35%, Marked out of 70%
Due Date: Week 7 (Yr 2 BN Calendar) Tuesday, April 26, 5pm
Aim In this formative assessment item, you will have the opportunity to write an annotated bibliography which will assist you in finding, summarising and organising research literature to support you in providing evidence-based clinical practice. Writing an annotated bibliography will help you think about the relevance and quality of research articles that inform your decision-making in everyday nursing practice situations.
This assessment item will assess –

  • Learning Outcome 1: Examine the contribution of research to evidence-based practice.
  • Learning Outcome 2: Evaluate the credibility of the information provided by research studies.
  • Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate understanding of the major elements of the research process that underpin translation to practice.

Task Description

Task Instructions In your annotated bibliography you need to:

  1. Write an annotation[1] for each of the three (3) research articles you select from the Reference List below (200 words each annotation).
  2. Justify your selection of each article based on how the article informs best clinical practice to manage the patient condition(s) presented in the case study (100 words each for justification).
    1. The strength of the research article in relation to the case study (provided below).
    2. The quality of the research article.
  3. Using the evidence, you have critiqued, recommend ways to improve this patient’s nursing care, based on your critique of the evidence (300 words).

You will need to include a MINIMUM of 6 additional references in support of your justification and recommendations. Therefore, a minimum of 9 references should be cited in your final reference list (which includes the 3 annotated references + a minimum of 6 additional references).
Please refer to the resource indicated in the footnote. Further information on how to structure an annotated bibliography will be included in a TTP session.
Case Study
Desire is a 45-year-old indigenous woman, who has arrived from Roma to have a health assessment and management of her diabetes. She has attended the general practice clinic where you are currently working as a Registered Nurse. Desire works as a teachers aid at the local school and completed high school to grade ten. She has a BMI of 27 and you notice she doesn’t seem to understand the information provided to her about her diabetes. Desire has been diagnosed with early peripheral neuropathy from poor adherence to her diabetic medications and poor management. She explains she finds it difficult to stay motivated and understand the information.
Based on Desire’s case, choose three (3) research articles from the reference list below. Select each article that you believe best provides evidence-based guidance on how Desire can better manage her condition.

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