Provide answers to all of the questions below: 1. Describe the concept of a stakeholder in a project and give three examples of project stakeholders. 2. Review the following scenario and then complete the table. A company decides to contract a website developer to build a new website. A number of suppliers will be approached for quotes. The company has no previous website as it is a new business. The company consists of a Board of Directors, a CEO and five other staff. Stakeholder Interests and expectations Board Customers Suppliers Management 3. Complete the table by describing the following levels of stakeholder engagement and for each level describe at least two methods of engaging stakeholders. Inform Consult Involve Empower 4. Describe three stakeholder engagement approaches. 5. Explain the concept of the salience model and its relationship to stakeholder engagement and analysis. 6. Explain the concept of the power/interest grid and its relationship to stakeholder engagement and analysis. 7. Explain how to review performance of project team members throughout the lifecycle of a project.

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ASSESSMENT TASK 1: WRITTEN QUESTIONSTask summary You are to answer all written questions. Resources and equipment required to complete this task Access to textbooks and other learning materials. Access to a computer, printer, Internet and email software (if required). When and where do I need to complete this task? This task may be done in your own time as homework, or you may be given time to do this task in class (where applicable). What do I need to submit? Your answers to each question in this task. Instructions You must answer all questions in this task correctly. You must answer the questions by typing your answers in Microsoft Word or a similar program. what do I need to do if I get something wrong? If your assessor sees that you have not completed all parts of the task completely and satisfactorily, the details of resubmission will be discussed with you when you are advised of the outcome of this task. You will only need to redo the parts of the task that are incorrect; however, you will need to resubmit the entire assessment again. Written answer question guidance The following written questions use a range of “instructional words” such as “identify” or “explain”, which tell you how you should answer the question. Use the definitions below to assist you to provide the type of response expected. Note that the following guidance is the minimum level of response required. Analyse: when a question asks you to analyse something, you should do so in detail, and identify important points and key features. Generally, you are expected to write a response one or two paragraphs long. Compare: when a question asks you to compare something, you will need to show how two or more things are similar, ensuring that you also indicate the relevance of the consequences. Generally, you are expected to write a response one or two paragraphs long. Contrast: when a question asks you to contrast something, you will need to show how two or more things are different,…

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