its 1500 first a word essay. This assessment is in the form of a Job Application. for culture, diversity and health.You will be guided through the expectations of this assessment in tutorials. 1. What about your profession/discipline, makes you the best candidate for the role of ’cultural liaison’ within the NSW [insert your discipline] Health Service? (approx. 100 – 150 words) 2. Clearly demonstrate your understanding of the link between theories like social determinants and human rights, with cultural competence and health outcomes. (approx. 150 – 200 words) 3. Identify, with practical examples and links to your professional guidelines, how you would support and/or enact the five key constructs of cultural competency within the NSW [insert your discipline] Health Service. (approx. 300 – 400 words) 4. Demonstrate knowledge of your professional guidelines/policy and their relationship to cultural safety. (approx. 250 – 300 words) 5. Demonstrate an understanding of the barriers and facilitators to culturally safe and competent professional practice for both staff in your profession and health consumers. (approx. 200 – 250 words) 6. Given your disciplinary expertise, understanding of cultural competence and cultural safety, describe how your understanding of health theory (e.g., social determinants, human rights, etc.) makes you the best person for this role/position at the NSW [insert your discipline] Health Service? (approx. 150-200 words) 7. References

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