COMM1001 Communication in Organisations, Assessment 3: Case Study
ULO 1: Demonstrate an understanding of academic integrity and how to achieve it.
ULO 2: Recognise and apply a range of communication theories and concepts.
ULO 3: Demonstrate effective and confident writing skills.
Due: Week 6 (Friday)
Length: 800 words (excluding executive summary and reference list)
Background information:
An Australian company owner and CEO is working in his new company office which has just
been set up in Malaysia. His name is Bob Brown and he is fluent in the Malay language. He
quickly notices that his Malaysian staff are very efficient and work very hard. However, they
rarely talk to him and they become quiet whenever he appears.
He is very friendly and says to his workers: “Hi. My name is Bob Brown. You can call me Bob.
You are free to knock on my door to talk to me at any time. My door is always open”.
However, the Malaysian workers never go to see him and they do not chat to him. When they
meet him in the office, all they say is, “Good morning Mr Brown”.
It is very awkward for Mr Brown.
Mr Brown thinks: “Why don’t they call me Bob? Why don’t they communicate with me?” This
makes Mr Brown feel very concerned about his staff’s ability to communicate with the
company’s clients.
What is the problem?
Case Study Task:
You work in a large marketing company as a consult

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