Assessment name Essay
Brief task
You are to respond to the assessment task by writing an essay addressing concepts in evidence-based
Rationale for
assessment task
Individuals have a right to effective, efficient, and safe care. Contemporary healthcare practice requires
the use of evidence to improve health outcomes for individuals, families, and populations. It is important
for healthcare students to understand the relationship between the generation of research evidence and
the delivery of safe and effective care based on evidence. Knowledge and skills in evidence-based practice
(EBP) is therefore critical to practicing healthcare professionals.
Due Date August 16
th, 2022 by 11:59pm (23:59hrs) AEST
• The available mark is reduced by 5% (of the original available mark) for each Calendar Day or part
day that the Assessment is late (
• An Assessment submitted more than one (1) week after the submission deadline will have a mark
of zero recorded.
• A zero mark will be awarded for the Assessment if it is submitted after an approved extension date.
Length 1000 words +/-10%
• Introduction and conclusion section required.
• Word count includes in-text referencing but excludes your reference list.
• No appendices or title pages required.
Marks out of:
Marks out of: 40
Weighting: 40%
Course Objectives
1. Identify the notion of evidence and evidence-based practice, the evolution of the evidence-based
practice movement, and strengths and weaknesses of evidence-based practice.
2. Explain the research process and the links between research, clinical expertise, patient preferences
and evidence-based practice.
3. Define, compare and choose common and appropriate research methodologies, designs and
methods to generate evidence and answer specific research questions.
4. Assess and justify the strengths and weaknesses of a published paper, and its relevance to clinical
5. Apply key principles and elements in the evidence-based practice process to make and communicate
safe, effective, and efficient clinical decisions for selected client or context problems.
Exemplar No. Information of a general nature will be posted to StudyDesk to facilitate an informed response.
Task information
Task detail Provide a response to the following statement “Explain why the best available evidence generated
from research is important to being an Evidence-Based Practioner?”
The following must be included in your response:
1. Define Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and explain the difference between EBP and research.
2. Explain the importance of assessing the quality of evidence generated from research.
3. Describe the benefits of using research as part of EBP to deliver safe and effective clinical
outcomes, using at least three high quality examples of EBP from the scientific literature.
In this essay, it is crucial that your response demonstrates that you have engaged effectively with the
scientific literature. This means citing the evidence base appropriately and extensively to support
your response.
Writing Style • Your response for this assessment must be written in the form of an essay.
• Your response must be written in sentence and paragraph form. Bullet points or lists are NOT to
be included in your response.
• Headings may be used and are encouraged as a means of structuring your response.
• Referencing style: APA 7th referencing style.
• Sources: You are expected to justify every statement of fact with a valid, peer-reviewed
• In text citations: You must include in-text citations in the body of your work. Each new point or
piece of evidence must be attributed (via in-text citation) to the source.
Referencing (
• USQ Academic writing and proofreading (
• Academic Integrity (
Formatting Style Times New Roman, Size 12, 1.5 spaced. Headings are permitted and encouraged. No graphics,
coloured text, tables or title pages.
Resources available
to complete task
Refer to the NUR3300 StudyDesk.
Smartthinking (
USQ Library Study Support (
Course Assessment Forum (
Submission information
What you need to
One file with your assignment response in one of the following accepted formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf
This assessment is to be submitted electronically via the “Essay” Submission link on the NUR3300
Study Desk (located within the Assessment tab).
It must be submitted in electronic format as a Microsoft document via Turnitin. The Turnitin process
may take up to 24 hours to produce a report. Therefore, allow adequate time to do this and address
any issues of plagiarism detected by Turnitin before final submission.
File Name
Save and submit your document with the following naming convention:
surname_initialORstudentnumber_coursecode_ assignmentdescription.
E.g. Smith_J_NUR3300_Essay
Moderation All staff who are assessing your work meet to discuss and compare grading decisions before marks or
grades are finalised as part of an assessment moderation process
Feedback and Marks are returned to Students as soon as practicable to ensure that feedback is
received before subsequent or related Assessments are due.
Academic Integrity
Please review the USQ policy for Academic Integrity (
Study Support Academic Integrity (
Turnitin has been enabled so that students can check for similarity matching within their assessment
and make amendments prior to the due date to demonstrate academic integrity.

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