This needs to be done on Colombia. I would like to use Biggby coffee as the U.S. product, item number I, but whatever works is fine. I have also attached sites to use for research, I would like at least 1 of these to be used
To establish a foundation for your Global Advertising project and ensure you are on the right track, create an outline for your papersummarizing your research findingsfor your chosen country utilizing the following format and providing aminimumone sentence response for each element in the outline:

  1. Cultural Challenges (5 points)
    1. Languages spoken
    2. Religions practiced
    3. Manners – appropriate ways of behaving, speaking, and dressing
    4. Customs & Traditions – habits or ways of behaving in specific circumstances that are passed down through generations. Note: This can include holiday celebrations, religious customs, foods, gift giving, superstitions.
    5. Values — what values (education, family, money, integrity, respect, loyalty to country, etc.) are of highest importance and most influential in this culture?
    6. Individualistic or collectivist culture Note: TheGeert-Hofstede siteis an excellent resource for this information.
  2. Business Challenges (2 points)
    1. Business etiquette – Appropriate attire, formalities, manners, etc.
    2. Attitudes regarding time / punctuality – Do they take their time getting to know you before doing business? Do they arrive on time for meetings?
    3. Attitudes regarding family vs. work — Which is more important, family or work?
  3. Consumer Behavior Differences (2 point) — What influences consumer purchasing decisions? What is the per capita income (income earned per person) for your country? How does consumer behavior differ from that of U.S. consumers?
  4. Political and National Barriers (1 points)
    1. Form of government Note:The CIA World Factbookis an excellent resource for this information.
    2. Your country’s relationship with U.S.
  5. Technological Barriers (1 point) — The level of technology commonly utilized in the country and the availability of technology in the country
  6. Media Barriers (1 point) — Forms of media commonly utilized in the country and government restrictions on media
  7. Local campaign or standardized global campaign? (1 point) — Note: See international IMC campaigns in Chapter 16. A localized approach means you would need to adapt the advertising strategy you would utilize in the U.S. to appeal to the local market (the country you researched). A standardized approach means you would advertise in your researched country in the same way you would advertise in the U.S. — your advertising message and forms of media would not change.
  8. Advertising Strategy Differences between your country and the U.S. (2 points) – How does advertising in your researched country differ from that in the U.S.?
  9. Advertising Strategy (3 points)
    1. U.S. consumer brand to take to your selected country — This U.S. consumer brandmust not already have a presence in your chosen country.You can utilize your focus brand if it would be a good fit for this market and does not already have a presence in the country or you can select another U.S. brand.
    2. Advertising strategy ideas — What would be the brand message?
    3. Media utilized to advertise your brand

Provide aminimumone sentence response for each element in the outline. You will then elaborate on your research findings for your final paper.
Provide a MINIMUM of two resources for your outline. You will create a works cited page for your paper. (2 points)

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