Cross Cultural Critical Analysis Week 1-3 was devoted to the stories of the various people who were living in the Americas during the “Beginning- 1700,” the accounts of European explorers when they first arrived in the so-called “New World,” and the conflicts that erupted between these native people and Europeans. The explanations of these conflicts are complex. At the core of these conflicts, however, were differences in beliefs and thinking, in action and behavior, in language and modes of representation-in short, differences in culture. Basic Assignment. Write a short essay that focuses on one of these differences-a belief, a way of thinking, a cultural practice, a typical behavior, or a way of speaking, narrating, representing or understanding. Explain how this cultural difference might have been a point of confusion, mutual misunderstanding, or conflict between different cultural groups. You might, for instance, take one of the Native American creation stories and compare it to the ideas about creation that the Europeans brought with them. Or you might analyze an incident or theme or significant detail from one of the many accounts of contact. Or you might compare a native text t something that distinguishes one group Purposes of the Assignment. This assignment should give you a chance to do a cross-cultural analysis. It is an opportunity for you to use writing to help you and interpret our first set of readings. My expectations for this paper are fundamental ever you choose, pick from the other o a European one. What A paper topic that follows the instructions above. A thesis statement or central claim that organizes the argument. A clear, logical organization. The use of textual evidence to support your thesis and main points Coherent, logical explanation of textual evidence that suppor Clear and correct prose. Accurate documentation of sources. ts the thesis and main points. Please use the MLA style guide to format your essay and citations.

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