1. Reinhardt et al.’s (2011) review of current literature shows that there are different roles of knowledge workers in organisations. Select four of the knowledge worker roles as outlined by Reinhardt et al. (2011) and critically discuss how these roles are essential to support knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing? (400 words)

2. ‘Teamwork ultimately leads to effective knowledge creation’. Critically discuss the above statement with examples to support your answers. (300 words)

3. Select an actual organisation known to you, and describe what industry it is in, the products and/or services it provides. Based on the resource-based theory, identify three critical resources you may find from the chosen organisation and critically discuss why these resources are critical to the organisation (500 words).

4. ‘Organisations today are often flooded with data and information’. In a learning organisation, employees are often able to understand the whole organisation as well as their part in it in order to identify organisational needs and solve problems even when they are flooded with data and information. Critically discuss why the concept of organisational learning may be strategically important to your choice organisation? (400 words).

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