Creative Innovations (design and marketing organisation) is currently located in offices on the 2nd floor in View Tower (Queen Street, Brisbane). These premises are no longer meeting the needs of the organisation, the CEO has leased a new premise on the 2nd floor in 388 Point Tower, which is 300 metres away.
The reason for the move is to improve the communication between the three (3) main departments, as better communication processes has become a strategic key performance indicator and objective for the organisation. The CEO (Peter Longfield) of Creative Innovations called in for a meeting. He explained to you that you are the one that is going to manage all the aspects of the office relocation.

You will be reporting directly to him. From the meeting, you learnt the following information:

• The organisation consists of three (3) main departments (design, marketing and administration)

• All three (3) departments will be moving into the new premises at the same time.

The total number of personnel include:

• Project Sponsor: John Longfield (is the CEO)

• Project Manager: you

• 40 employees All the office equipment is to be relocated.

This includes: • Office desk, side return and office chair for all employees

• Computer workstation for all employees

• A three draw filing cabinet for each employee

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