1. Covering a greater area than the Management scope delegated to a Manager;
  2. Including procedures as part of a Policy; and
  3. Including “motherhood” statement, that is, statements that sound good but on closer inspection provide to be idiotic.

We will cover more details about the assignment in lectures and more specifically, in tutorials. There are some basic rules to this assignment:

  1. Your Policy can cover the same material as the presentation you upload to the wiki (if you choose to do a presentation).
  2. You must not copy information from Policies you find on the internet, in the Library or any other location; the Policy must be your own ideas in your own words. However, you may use found Policies as an educational tool to help you understand the language used in them.
  3. There is no word limit, either maximum or minimum, but a short Policy created by you will need to be perfect to receive good marks. On the other hand, a verbose Policy that is vague, contradictory, exceeds Management boundaries or is just plain wrong will also receive poor marks.
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