Diagrams, tables, flowcharts can be included in your answer (do not exceed 500 words/question).
A young girl has touched a hot plate on the stovetop and has developed blisters. Describe the sequence of events that occur following a mild thermal burn to the hand. Correlate the clinical signs with the microscopic pathological processes and outline the possible outcomes of such an injury.
A motorcyclist has sustained many injuries following a traffic accident, one of which includes a compound bone fracture of the tibia. Describe the sequence of events that follow a compound bone fracture of the tibia and discuss the factors that may delay healing.
A young boy was admitted to hospital with respiratory difficulties and a suspected asthma attack. He also appears to have a rash on his hands consistent with contact dermatitis. Describe the pathogenetic mechanisms underlying his clinical disease states.
An adolescent girl has been diagnosed with malnourishment but appears to be retaining much fluid around the body. Discuss the aetiology and pathogenesis of this fluid retention.
An elderly woman has been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis following a long flight overseas. What is “thrombosis”? Discuss the various aetiological and clinical risk factors associated with this condition. In your answer, include the relationship between thrombosis, atherosclerosis and infarction.

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