a) Consider a sketch diagram for an n-channel MOSFET.
Explain the depletion mode of operation of a MOSFET. (5 Marks) (b) Using a clearly well labelled sketch diagram, explain the working principle of a Thyristor under the following conditions: (i) When the gate is open (6 Marks) (ii) When the gate is positive with respect to cathode. (5 Marks) (c) A hay-wave rectified circuit employing an SCR is adjusted to have a gate current of 1mA. The forward breakdown voltage of SCR is 100V for ???? = 1????. If a sinusoidal voltage of 200V peak is applied, find: (i) Firing angle (1 Mark) (ii) Conduction angle (1 Mark) (iii) Average current (2 Marks) Assume load resistance = 100O and holding current is zero.





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