Conflict Recognition-The Case of the Misdirected Faculty


This TMA has one question with three sub sections. You should answer them all. The questions in this assignment are all about different aspects of the process of exploring a complex situation.


Question 1 (100% marks)


You are strongly advised to use the AOU e-library to locate additional relevant resources which can support your analysis and argument. This will earn you extra points.


  • Read through the attached article “Case II: Conflict Recognition-The Case of the Misdirected Faculty”, as you read through the article, create one Spray diagram to summarize the different ideas of the article respecting the conventions, and techniques. It is advised that students submit hand drawn diagrams as opposed to computer generated ones. Photocopies of diagrams should not be accepted. Reflect on your diagram in no more than 200 words. (15 Marks)



  • Based on what you learned in T205A (T552/Diagramming), and on the content of the article, and taking conflict as your system of interest draw a System Map diagram to show all the components of such a system. The system map should include all the components of the system paying special attention to the grouping and the hierarchy. Reflect on your diagram in no more than 200 words (15 Marks)


  • Based on what you learned in T205A concept file 02, and T551 Linear Programming:


  • Describe what is meant by conflict, its nature and sources. (Word Count 400; 10 Marks).
  • Analyze the type of situations discussed in the case; justify your answer based on what you learned in T551 linear programing (Word Count 400; 10 Marks).
  • Assess the validity of applying each of the three ways of thinking (causal, logical, and reductionist) for understanding the problem discussed in the case. (Word Count 500; 15 Marks).
  • Discuss the different types of contracts which govern the relationship between employers and their employees and assess how each one is manifested in the case. Analyze whether a breach has occurred and what are its causes and effects (Word Count 500; 15 Marks).
  • Analyze the sources of the conflict in the case and assess how and whether applying the systems approach to the problem in the case can improve and enlighten understanding (Word Count 300; 10 Marks).
  • Using a systems’ approach, and relying on concepts covered in concept file 02 including communication, active listening, and conflict resolution, assess possible ways for resolving the conflict taking place. (Word count 350, 10 Marks)


(2000 words) (70 marks) (Please see guidance below)


General Mark’s deductions of 20% as follows

  • PT3 Form (failure to use the PT3 completely filled) (deduct up to 5% marks)
  • TMA Presentation and Structure, and word count (untidy, work way below or above the word count, no display of word count) (deduct up to 5% marks)
  • Referencing and in-text citation (poor referencing and in-text citation, without plagiarism, (deduct up to 10% marks).


TMA Guidance to students


  • Note that the submission for this question requires your rough spray diagrams, and a condensed or tided up version. You should do your best to follow the conventions for the spray diagram as explained in T552. It is also important that the diagram communicates to your tutor, so make sure the writing is legible and not too small. However, don’t redraw your initial rough spray diagrams just to tidy them up; we want to see what you drew as you worked. You need to identify the main idea of the article and include it within your central topic, and then identify the most important points and include them within the subtopics blobs then branch out as explained in T552 appendix (A1.1.)
  • Here you are required to draw a system map, which includes all the relevant components of the case “Case II: Conflict Recognition-The Case of the Misdirected Faculty” as discussed in the case without neglecting the assumptions. Your tutor’s feedback will be helpful in clarifying to you any misconceptions you might have about drawing the diagram and it will also help in assessing your diagramming skills.


  • Here you are required to draw back on concepts learned in T551 and Concept file 02 (as relevant) in order to analyze the questions. Please remember that for each section you need to provide a clear theoretical discussion, and then explain how those concepts are applied in the case on hand. Again you are strongly advised to use your own words to discuss the concepts as you understood them. Do not copy material from the books since it will have a negative impact on your grade, and very importantly do not get consumed in a purely theoretical analysis without assessing how these concepts are applied in the case study. Make sure to respect the word count as it is an indicator to you of the depth of analysis required. Please remember that failure to paraphrase, and to reference will also lead to failing the TMA.


There are different ways to tackle and structure your ideas. Please remember that your work should be structured in an essay format with a clear introduction, then possibly different subsections (as needed) to assess each idea and a conclusion.

The introduction should set out the topic of the discussion clearly. For each of the body paragraphs/sub-sections you need to provide a clear theoretical discussion which explains how the relevant course concepts are related to the article on hand. The conclusion should summarize your findings and reflect on your learning. You should not write in the first person (i.e. I think), the third person is more appropriate for college level writing (i.e. we can conclude), but in any case it is preferable to avoid both styles and to state your argument (i.e. instead of saying “this essay will tackle the ways of thinking and the systems thinking approach”, you can start with a statement about system’s thinking in organizations). Similarly in your conclusion you should not use “it could be concluded”, rather simply restate the main points and your findings.


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