personal statement that presents an accurate and unique picture of you as an individual, with particular attention paid to your academic and career goals.
My career goal is to open an art gallery (relate to public relations and building skills for communicating with clients and peers). Also I aim to take over my family’s hotel business (communication studies is useful in hospitality business)
To this end, we ask that your personal statement include a clear articulation of how your current and future goals critically engage our department’s objectives (The Communication Studies Department serves these goals by:
Creating an environment where students and faculty pursue applied education, scholarship, community engagement, and leadership in civic, corporate, and international arenas.
Developing students’ professional competencies to maximize their post-graduation opportunities for career development.
Seeing professional development as a shared responsibility, where students are empowered to cultivate communication skills outside of the classroom through engaged forms of learning and professional development.)
My passion for socializing and communicating with peers and friends. Learning about the theories and improving my communication skills and connect to the goals listed above.

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Introduction. State that you attended The Tempest. You may wish to characterize your overall experience of the production or talk about what you expected when you went to the show and whether the show met

please see the website i gave you, it is the site for the show information, since the requirement ask me to see the show in this place. requirement: Paragraph….

the play Medea

Play link: Hello — You will find the play Medea in the module 13.2. Please watch the play and then answer the following questions, 1. Using Aristotle’s definition of story….