Keys for Success:


· Explain your points simply, like you would to another student.

· Write in simple sentences and short paragraphs.

· Use specific examples from our readings and class discussion.

· Relate your answers to major concepts and trends we have covered.

· Mention specific things you see in the pictures that relate to the essays.



Essay Topics (choose five):

Please write essays of about 1.5 pages each on five of the following topics. Provide a picture for each of your essays and explain how the picture helps us understand key points. Please avoid repeating the same information in more than one essay. When you use quotes or paraphrase specific information from our reading, please include a page number in parentheses.


1. Colonial Crisis. Explain how the political consciousness of Americans changed in the two decades leading up to Independence. Mention specific events or leaders in Chapter 6.


2. Britain v. America. How did the colonists manage to gain independence, fighting against the powerful British Empire? Mention specific strategies and key events in Chapter 7.


3. The Constitution. Explain why some leaders were not satisfied with the Articles of Confederation. Describe key ideas discussed in framing the Constitution. Why did leaders such as Madison advocate for the Constitution? Why did others oppose it?


4. Early Republic. Examine key leaders in Chapters 9 and 10. How did they address the challenges facing the country? What do you find that is similar—or different—in their plans for the new nation?


5. The Market Economy. Explain how America changed economically in the early to mid 1800s with new transportation systems, factories, commercial farms, and growing cities. What problems and opportunities came with change? (Use Chapter 11; Chapter 10 could also be helpful.)


6. Politics in the Age of Jackson. How did American politics change in the 1820s and 1830s? Why was Jackson such a prominent figure? Explain a few of the political issues of that era. How are the political events of that era similar to modern times?


7. Social Change. Discuss at least three ways you see the society and culture of America changing in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Use specific examples from at least three chapters. In what way are social changes related to political or economic developments we studied?


8. Design Your Own Essay. Identify a theme you see in America from the mid-1700s to early1800s. Develop your theme using a few key terms from at least two chapter handouts. Please put the terms (or key words from questions) in bold the first time you discuss the item.

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