Cisco Packet Tracer

Part 1 (Cisco Packet Tracer):

You, as a network engineer, have been asked to design a network to a startup company located in. The company consists of two floors, the first for employees and the second for the management. The number of devices on the first floor and the second floor are 13 and 8 respectively. Also, there is a servers’ room on the second floor that includes two servers.

The part 1 report should include the following:

1- Network Purpose and scope (Describe the network)

a. What purpose will your network serve?

b. What problems does it seek to fix?

c. What resources will you need

d. Establish an estimated project timeline

2- Chose a suitable network typology (Ring, Star, Bus, Mesh, etc)

a. Describe clearly the topology selected.

b. Why did you choose this topology?

c. Describe any potential limitation of this topology.

3- Network schema. infrastructure and design

a. Describe the layout of your network

b. Choose your network devices

c. Describe and perform a brief analysis of your chosen network devices

d. Present a network map

4- Test and verify full network connectivity (Cisco Packet Tracer)

a. All networking devices connections should be green

b. You should exhibit a series of pings, tracerts, and arp -a commands

i. Record the success and failure rate of the following

1. Pings from each networking device

ii. Tracert from each networking device

iii. Present a list of the ARP tables from Switches, Servers, and computers (3 Marks – CLO2)

5- Conclusion

a. Brief discussions about what has been done.

b. What lessons were learned from this network. (1 Mark – CLO1)

Part 2 (Research-Based):

Search the Internet and find a recent published paper, which describes and analyses a congestion control mechanism used nowadays. You are required to describe how the congestion control mechanism works, and what are its strengths and limitations. Your findings should be summarized and reported in no more than two pages.

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Create a report and graphs showing all the outputs tabulated and comment on the graph. Use R software to create graphs. Excel is not acceptable.

For this assignment you should create 100 random processes numbered from P1 : : : P100 Then create random arrival times and burst times for each of these processes. All….

As an example of jitter, consider two consecutive packets in our VoIP application.

As an example of jitter, consider two consecutive packets in our VoIP application. The sender sends the second packet 50 msecs after sending the first packet. But at the receiver,….