Case study – Colis family

Case study – Colis family


You are a Family Support Worker and have just conducted your first visit to a family who have only recently moved to Macquarie Fields. They were referred through the High School that 13yr old Stacey attends.

Kurt and Veitinia Colis said they are currently experiencing some difficulty managing their eldest daughter, Stacey. Stacey is attending school sporadically, is struggling with the work and is at risk of being suspended. Stacey has been coming home late smelling of alcohol and cigarettes. Venitia also told you that she found a bong hidden in Stacey’s wardrobe

Veitinia is of Tongan background and the family moved to the area to be closer to her extended family.  Kurt is Anglo /Australian background. Venitia is concerned that Stacey is hanging around with a group of Tongan teenagers who don’t attend school. Church is an important part of Venitias life and Stacey is expected to attend church with her.

During the visit Stacey said she is “sick of her parents arguing”, “it drives me to drink and to stay out”. She feels that this is a family issue, “not just my problem” so is comfortable about working through the issues as a family

The parents also expressed concerns about the two younger children, Maureen (9yrs) and Sara (7) as they feel that they are receiving very little attention and are also witnessing Stacey’s behaviour that is inappropriate.

The parents describe Maureen as being a “little Mother” to Sara.  Sara is very quiet and Maureen will often talk for her.  Sara frequently has what her family refer to as “rages”.  When she has a ‘rage’ they put her in her room until it subsides.  The family feel that this is the only way she can express her anger and frustration.  The parents believe she will grow out of her tantrums as she gets older.

Both Kurt and Venitia appeared tense and upset when interviewed and said the situation with Stacey is affecting their relationship and they are arguing a lot. Both parents agreed that Stacey needs support through this “phase” and are willing to work with you, however Mrs Colis stated “as long as the younger girls are not left out” “it has been hard for all of us – not just Stacey”


Case Plan/Questions

Using the attached ‘Case Management Plan’ template provided write up an individual case plan for Colis family and Stacey ( separately)

  • Description of immediate, short-term and long-term goals (at least 5 in case plan pro forma)
  • Development of actions/strategies (3 in case plan)
  • Matching client needs to community services and knowledge of community services and appropriate referral (3 Services in case plan)
  • The strategies that caseworker will implement with client to address goals (case plan pro forma)
  • Roles and responsibilities for each goal (case plan)
  • The indicators for success which have been described for each goal (case plan)

Short Answers

1)            How services have been monitored and co-ordinated on an ongoing basis

2)        Identify two strengths demonstrated by Colis family and Stacey and how you might utilise these in your work with Stacey


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