Carlos recently learned that his 45-year-old uncle is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. Last year, Carlos’s 38-year-old brother became the third member of his family to be diagnosed with the disease. At the age of 25, Carlos wants to do whatever he can to avoid prostate cancer.

By recording his typical dietary habits, Carlos estimated that he consumed about 130 µg of selenium per day. After researching information about prostate cancer on the Internet, he became concerned that his selenium intake from foods was too low. Now, he takes a dietary supplement that contains 200 µg of selenium once a day. While investigating food sources of selenium, Carlos discovered that Brazil nuts are a rich source of the trace mineral, so he also eats a handful (about 1 ounce) of Brazil nuts every day (544 µg selenium).

1. Compare Carlos’s daily intake of selenium (based on his original dietary intake and supplement, not the Brazil nuts) with his recommended intake as a 25-year-old male.

A. Carlos was consuming more than the UL for selenium.

B. Carlos was consuming almost exactly the RDA for selenium.

C. Carlos was consuming more than the RDA but less than the UL for selenium.

D. Carlos was consuming less than the RDA for selenium.


2. By adding a handful (about 1 ounce) of Brazil nuts to his diet daily, Carlos is now consuming _________.

A. 650 µg selenium daily

B. 400 µg selenium daily

C. 1025 µg selenium daily

D. 875 µg selenium daily

3. As a result of consuming excess selenium, Carlos is likely experiencing _________.

A. All of the choices are correct.

B. brittle fingernails

C. garlicky body odor

D. fatigue

4. If Carlos wants to stop taking the selenium supplement and focus on eating more selenium-rich food sources, which of the following is the best source of selenium?

A. Egg, fried, 1 large

B. Turkey, light meat, roasted, 3 oz

C. Oysters, canned, 3 oz

D. Baked beans, canned, vegetarian, 1 cup

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