Question 1(A) Starting from non-flow energy equation for a thermofluid system, show that for isothermal process of a perfect gas, Q12 = -W12.(B) Given the characteristic constant R and the ratio of the specific heats (?) of a perfect gas, show that the specific heats at constant volume Cv and at constant pressure Cp of the gas are expressed as:????= ??(??-1) and ????=????(??-1)(C) A perfect gas at a pressure of 40 bar and at temperature 450K has a density of 50 kg/m3. The ratio of specific heat ?? is 1.45. Calculate(i) The value of molar mass, specific heats at constant pressure and constant volume.(ii) The change in specific entropy of the gas if it is raised to 80 bar and its temperature lowered to 400K.

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