Calculate the optimal consumptions of x and R and the profit of the firm

Consider an economy with one consumer with a Cobb-Douglas utility function for consumption, x, and leisure, R: u(x, R) = X0.5R0.5. X is produced by one firm according to

X=, where L is amount of labour input. The consumer is endowed with 1 unit of labour/leisure. Let p and w denote the price of x and wage rate, respectively, and normalize p to be1

a. Find the real wage that clears the labour market.

b. Calculate the optimal consumptions of x and R and the profit of the firm

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describe the market for indentured servants; as a monopoly, an oligopoly, or a competitive market? Justify your answer (why).

HW1 SS12020ECON125 1. Please define the following and give an example from the colonial era: a. Complementary goods b. Substitute goods c. Import substitution goods d. Mercantilism e. The free….

Summary and the learning experience after studying that particular cuisine

Sections of the paper will include but not limited to: Overview of the Region/Country, Food Habits/Patterns, Typical Meals, Food Etiquette, Special Uses of Food, who were the first immigrants and….


1 FINANCE DISSERTATION TOPICS 2019-20 Reference Code Topic Readings/References Pre-requisites F1 Cash dividends and stock repurchases Payout policy is a well-develop strand of the corporate finance literature. Finance researchers in….