District Peshawar Population 2017
According to latest census of Pakistan 2017 population of Peshawar district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Full report of Peshawar district population of census 2017.Complete detail of Peshawar population facts and figure. Current population of Peshawar district of Pakistan all detail of census. According to census 2017 total population of District Peshawar is 4269079. In Total population males are 2201257, female is 2067591 and Shemale / Transgender are 231. Average annual growth rate is 3.99 from 1998 to 2017. Use 8 percent growth rate for Urban population alone.
Detail Population of District Peshawar Census 2017
Rural Urban Total Population 2299037 1970042 4269079 Male 1175112 1026145 2201257 Female 1123915 943676 2067591 Transgender 10 221 231 Household 253787 236056 489843
• Assume the average annual growth rate of population in Urban areas to be 8 percent. In how many years the population will be doubled?
• Calculate the future population of the District Peshawar in 2030. Use the formula Pr =
• Calculate the future urban population of Peshawar in 2030. Use the formula ft= P*(i+r)t
• For (0.138 tones/person/year) waste generation per capita per year. What will be the amount of waste generated in year 2030? • For Urban areas of Peshawar to be clean what should be the percentage of collection of wastes by authorities? • For Urban areas of Peshawar to be clean how much waste in tones should be collected by 2030?
11970042 14269079 1

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