Business analysts use the model of supply and demand to discover key elements about their industries and their own organizations. In fact, microeconomic analysis of specialized fields has led to the emergence of new courses and careers in such areas as:

·         Sports Economics

·         Health Economics

·         The Economics of the Arts

·         Public Policy

·         Restaurant and Food Service Economics

Develop specific examples of how demand and supply analysis may be used in one of these four specialized areas. Here are some ways to approach this exploration.Answer the following questions:

What is [Sports/Health/Arts/Public Policy] Economics? Pick one specialized field of economics.

How do practitioners in these specialized fields of study bring the economic way of thinking to their occupation?

What questions and topics might practitioners choose to study?

What career choices are there in these fields?

What courses are offered to prepare for jobs in these areasIf you wish to substitute another field or product/service group, such as energy, you may do so.Initial Response should be at least 250 words. The Peer Response should be at least 100 words and add value.

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