Important Culinary Figure – Biographical Highlight Research Paper With your newfound culinary education, there are many different avenues for you to explore within the food industry – your education will open far more doors for you than just becoming a Cook or Chef, you’ll have many possibilities for various careers in your future. You can become a food writer, photographer, persue other educational avenues to harmonize with your culinary education to become a nutritionist, create food blogs, work with food styling, content creation, or you can of course become a professional Chef, Baker or Pastry Chef. Even from there – options are plentiful! You’ll have the ability to work around the globe, in restaurants, bakeries, boutiques, hotels and more. The possibilities are endless. In this course, we have been exploring various foods, ingredients and cooking techniques. For this assignment, you’re going to select a Chef, Writer, Critic, Gastronome or someone who has otherwise made a name a significant impact in the Culinary industry. This person should be inspiring to you or have inspired you in the past. If they are a Chef, you will focus on their approach to cuisine, selection and use of ingredients, and how they apply various cooking techniques to these ingredients. Writers, critics or otherwise, you will focus on their lifes work and how they have approached various cuisines, styles, regions, or cultures. *Make sure you connect the values, style, and life of your person of choice to a minimum of 3 points of content / modules of study that you have studied during your time in Theory of Food. * Part A
The student will research a significant figure in the hospitality, tourism and culinary arts landscape who has made a difference in the foodservice industry through their contribution and interpretation of cuisine. The student may present this work in a variety of formats that suits their learning style: written paper, visual essay or presentation, video, audio (podcast) or digitally (slideshare). Your research needs to be cited from a minimum of 3 different sources, one of which must be a book, published biography, blog or official organization. To include in your biography report must be a cited page (biography resources), links to several examples, handouts, and websites that may be useful to you while working on this project.
*As we have studied a variety
Steps to Complete your Biography
Step 1: Choose an individual

  1. Review the course content and resources provided during the course then decide on a person you are interested in learning more about. Think about this persons traditions, beliefs, values, and experience and how they have contributed to the the worlds foodservice industry positively, making a difference in their local, national or global community.

Step 2: Research – (including works cited page)
You can resource information through books, magazines, videos, course content sources, websites, blogs, interviews, news feeds, library resources, and social media etc. Make sure to use a variety of resources (minimum of 3 different ones) when researching.
What to research about (guiding questions)

  1. Describe the early life of your person.
    1. What kind of person is he/she?
    2. What is it about their character that helped him/her to succeed?
    3. Did your individual know what he/she wanted to become in the future?
    4. How did this individual prepare for his/her future?
    5. What are the basic facts about him/her (where they were born, how they came to enter their field, who inspires them, and so on.
  2. Discuss their interpretation of cuisine, perspective about the food and ingredients and their approach or style of cooking.
    1. What were some of the issues he/she faced becoming a professional in their field?
    2. How did he/she overcome some of these obstacles?
    3. Why is his/her work or contribution relevant to their community, professional industry or self-identity?
    4. How does he/she feel they are making a difference in the world or their community?
    5. Did he/she invent something or teach others about their experience or interpretation or approach to cuisine?
    6. Is there a significant accomplishment they would like to share or be associated with?
    7. Are their impressions or impacts they have made in the lives of other or industry professionals who are just starting in their profession or making career decisions?
    8. How would they like to be remembered by their community or profession?
  1. What should we all know about your person?
    1. How can we benefit today from him/her?
    2. What do you think is the most impressive thing about their career, approach to cuisine/food/industry ?
    3. How will future generations be affected by him/her?
    4. Does he/she have any famous quotes they would like to share?
    5. What adjectives describe him/her?
  1. How has your individual inspired you?
    1. In what ways would you like to be him/her?
    2. What would you ask him/her if you were able to have a conversation? If you did have a discussion, what did you ask them?

Steps to Complete Your Paper
Choose and complete the information required for steps 1 through 2. The information will help you gather the necessary information and organize how you will convey your ideas in the essay.

  1. Write your Biographical essay – a minimum of 5 paragraphs:
    1. One introduction paragraph.
    2. Three supporting paragraphs.
    3. One concluding paragraph.
  2. Proofread to check grammar and spelling. I encourage you to ask your instructor for feedback on your draft biography before submitting it to the assignment folder for grading.
  3. Complete the works cited page (biography resources) listing all resources used. You need to use at least three different sources, and one must be a book.

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