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Assessment criteria
Y/N Evidence reference
3.1 Assess different approaches to
performance management.
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3.2 Review the role of people practice in
supporting line managers to make
consistent and appropriate reward
3.3 Explain how line managers make reward
judgements based on organisational
approaches to reward.
Level 5 Associate Diploma
Assessment Grading
The grid below shows the range of results you could achieve based on total number of marks
awarded across all assessment criteria.
To pass the unit assessment you must achieve a 2 (Low Pass) or above for each of the
assessment criteria.
The overall result achieved will dictate the outcome you receive for the unit, provided
NONE of the assessment criteria have been failed or referred.
You will either receive a Pass or a Fail from the CIPD once the work has been moderated. The
bandings below are used to indicate if your work is sitting at a low pass, pass or high pass.
Overall mark Unit result
0 to 23 Fail
24 to 30 Low Pass
31 to 39 Pass
40 to 48 High Pass
Level 5 Associate Diploma

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