As one of Colombia’s largest consumer products companies, chocolate maker CasaLuker understands the importance of managing growth. Faced with a burgeoning domestic business as well as growth in overseas markets such as Europe, company leadership over the past decade has been looking for ways to transform business processes to align with new growth and demands. Central to the vision of transformation has been a need to integrate processes and systems across the enterprise—to pull together procurement, manufacturing and logistics and deliver a comprehensive view into the enterprise. For CasaLuker, making that vision a reality involved investing heavily in its existing SAP® infrastructure and enlisting Deloitte professionals for critical assistance Investing in growth With a workforce of 2,200 employees and a chocolatemaking legacy extending back more than 100 years, CasaLuker stands as a major and growing player in the South American consumer goods landscape. Outside of Colombia, its offices in Russia, Panama and Ecuador continue to extend their reach into new markets, today providing products in 25 countries. With growth part of the recipe for CasaLuker, smart planning has been a necessity. Helping the company to operate effectively over the past two decades has been a core of SAP ERP functionality. For more than a decade, CasaLuker has relied on SAP solutions to help run finance and other central operations. But with the shape of the business changing in 2009— becoming a more consolidated global organization—the company needed a refreshed and integrated system to support global business processes and deliver business intelligence which could support better decision making across the board. To get there, company leadership saw promise in a new set of solutions leveraging the in-memory computing power of SAP HANA®.

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