As a part of the company’s management development program, a group of managers from various functional areas have devoted several class sessions to the study of motivation theory and the relevance of such knowledge to the manager’s responsibility for directing and controlling the operations of his department. one of the participants in the program is Ashish Chopra, who has been a supervisor in the production department for about a year . during the discussion session Ashish Chopra made the following observation:

“Motivation theory make sense in general, but there is really no opportunity for me to apply these concepts in my job situation after all, our shop employees are unionized for me to apply these concepts in my job situation. After all, our shop employees are unionized and have job security and wage scale that are negotiated and are not under my control. The study of motivation concepts has given me some ideas about how to get my sons do their chores and their home work, but it has not given me anything I can use on the job. furthermore, in a working situation we are all dealing with adults, and it seems to me this reward and punishment thing smacks of personal manipulation that just won’t go over with people.”

11.Analyze the case showing your acquaintance with the various theories of motivation.

2.How far is Ashish Chopra justifies in his comments? Offer practical suggestions to apply motivational concepts in job situations

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