Apply basic counselling skills in a client-centered manner, to conduct a 10-minute counselling session in class. You will be expected to demonstrate each of the basic counselling skills within your time in an integrated/responsive fashion with the purpose of exploring/ unpacking/ understanding your ‘client’s presenting problem. You will be assessed on your ability to open a ‘counselling’ (or helping) session via welcoming your ‘client’ and providing a confidentiality statement, rapport building, communicating empathy, verbal communication- paraphrasing, clarification, probing, prompting, reflecting, summarizing and appropriate questioning, non-verbal communication, attending and active listening.

You will be assessed on the following in this component of the assignment:

  1. Opening of the session- greeting the client, putting the client at ease, introduction to the process
  2. Rapport building with the client- expresses appropriate empathy and care ‘present’ and open to client appropriate respect and unconditional positive regard, genuineness
  3. Clear explanation of confidentiality to the client
  4. Non-verbal skills and body language- open body language (e.g., not crossing arms), appropriate level of eye contact, natural yet attentive posture, appropriate non-verbal cues (i.e., nodding)
  5. Attending and active listening- not interrupting the client, use of silence, use of minimal encouragers and door openers to encourage ‘client’ contribution
  6. Use of appropriate open and close-ended questions
  7. Appropriate use of summarizing, reflection and paraphrasing


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