Answer each of the following: a) Input/output in C++ occurs as of bytes. b) The stream manipulators that format justification are , and . c) Member function can be used to set and reset format state. d) Most C++ programs that do I/O should include the header file that contains the declarations required for all stream-I/O operations. e) When using parameterized manipulators, the header file must be included. f) Header file contains the declarations required for file processing. g) The ostream member function is used to perform unformatted output. h) Input operations are supported by class . i) Standard error stream outputs are directed to the stream objects or . j) Output operations are supported by class . k) The symbol for the stream insertion operator is . l) The four objects that correspond to the standard devices on the system include , , and . m) The symbol for the stream extraction operator is . n) The stream manipulators , and specify that integers should be displayed in octal, hexadecimal and decimal formats, respectively. o) The stream manipulator causes positive numbers to display with a plus sign

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