In preparation for this discussion

  • Research some of the popular dominant and recessive human traits such as hair color, eye color, etc.
  • Analyze some of the human traits of yourself and some of your immediate family members. Look for similarities and differences between these traits based on dominant and recessive alleles.
  • Develop 2-3 test crosses using family member traits to explain some inherited traits in your family. These can be actual testcrosses (example: Brother-brown eyes x Sister-in-law-brown eyes = niece- blue eyes) or they can be future hypothetical predictions.

Part I: Using the information that you gathered, try and develop a family pedigree using the 2-3 test crosses of 3 generations of one of the traits (If you are adopted or aren’t sure, then try and make some predictions using a close friend’s traits- these can be hypothetical crosses). Discussany anomalies you discovered that did not follow the traditional dominant/recessive trait outcomes.

Part II: Many infertile couples turn to in vitro fertilization to try to have a baby. In this technique, sperm and ova are collected and used to create eight-cell embryos for implantation into a woman’s uterus. At the eight-cell stage, one of the fetal cells can be removed without causing harm to the developing fetus. Once removed, the cell can be genetically tested. Some couples may know that a particular genetic disease runs in their family. They might wish to avoid implanting any embryos with the disease-causing genes.

  • Do you think this is an acceptable use of genetic testing?
  • What if a couple wanted to use genetic testing to select embryos for traits unrelated to disease, such as freckles?
  • Should there be limits on what tests can be performed? Discuss what limits you believe are acceptable and which are not.

Providespecific examples and references to the video in your response.

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