An enterprising entrepreneur has concluded that the ideal opportunity for him to combine his love of dogs with a vast fortune is to corner the market for a new breed of dog: the Softie. Characteristics of the Softie are as follows: A. Length of coat: 8 in. or longer B. Coat characteristics: Extremely soft (or softer) Brown areas on a white background White paws Black tail C. Tail characteristics: Short (4 in.–6 in.) Points straight up D. Weight: Extremely large: 90 kg or heavier E. Foot characteristics: Pawprint area in excess of 9 sq in. Fully webbed between toes F. Disposition: Extremely mild tempered Each of these characteristics has a range when viewed across all dogs: A. Can be represented by eight bits in which 00000000 corresponds to a hairless dog, 11111111 corresponds to a hairlength of 10.2 in., and 11001000 corresponds to 8 in.

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