AAAS news briefing live streams

watch one of the AAAS news briefing live streams. Pretend you’re on assignment to write a 600-1,000-word news article about what is presented at the news briefing. IMPORTANT: It is not necessary to cover everything that is being discussed in the briefing! Usually, that’s impossible. Instead, try to focus on the main topic and those contributions by the scientists presenting their research that you find the most newsworthy. Keep track of who says what and make sure to have the names and affiliations correct. Do background research if necessary. Please DO NOT write a summary of the news briefing. Rather, take as many notes as possible, and then think about which parts that were discussed would make for a coherent and newsworthy story. You cannot go into every detail that has been said at the briefing. Focus on a few main points. Make a bullet list of the nuts and bolts that you deem most important to your story.

Here is a link for the videos: choose one to watch:

I have attached 3 PDFs to help you write the paper and know what you should avoid and focus on. Try to follow the inverted pyramid method that it mentions. Give a nice headline for the news story.
Please follow all instructions carefully.

In my first description i gave a wrong link for the videos. Make sure you use this link to choose the video:

In addition, this link below has a file that i could not upload due to the size of the file so you can view it here:

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