Capstone Assessment 5 FORWARD STRATEGIES FOR YEAR 16 and BEYOND Submission: Via Moodle Weight: 30% (includes ranking) Group Name: Students in Group: Working as a group and individually, you are required to prepare a report of 1,200 words incorporating the following:- 1. A summary of your company’s performance to date (ie: Year 15). 2. Based on your evaluation of the performance of your company, develop specific strategies for Year 16 and beyond. Briefly explain the approach you have taken and the reasons why with reference to the industry and competitors withinthe industry. 3. You will then need to outline the BSG decisions you would make, specifically addressing each of the following aspects:- 1. Financial Management– Based on your company’s current financial position, outline and justify your approach to the ongoing financing of your company. Include aspects such as investments in assess, debt and/or equity financing, credit rating, refinancing as required and cash flow. 2. Operations – Justify your forward operational strategy based on your company’s overall strategy (Refer to lecture 2, slide 4 in particular) and tactical changes you may need to make. Include discussion on asset utilisation, plant upgrades, new plant, plant productivity, etc. 3. Human Resourcing – Outline and justify your approach to ongoing resourcing and worker productivity. 4. Marketing – Using the competitive intelligence data in the BSG, develop and justify the marketing activitiesfor Year 16. Based on 1-4 above:- a. Briefly outline key decisions you would make in the Business Strategy Game. b. Justify your decisions with reference to your strategy AND the current market (Year 15) conditions within your industry. 4. Discuss how you would ensure that the five key shareholder expectations continue to be met or how you will ensure that you address any shortcomings. The Year 16 BSG decision round will be open until 2.30 pm Tuesday 1 November 2022. You must make the decisions to implement the recommended approach you outline in this assessment. You will be then be able to see the results of your forward strategy. Please note however that you are NOT REQUIRED to submit a separate report and presentation for the BSG results obtained in Year 16. Important Information Elect a team leader – the team leader is to submit the final report at the link “Assessment 5 Year 16 forward Final Report”. The report must have a cover page which includes the detailsof each group member (name and student number). If a group member did not contribute, then you should state this on the cover page. The final report file name must be ‘Group x Final Year 16 Report’ where x is your groupletter (A, B , C, etc). Other Team members must submit a cover page file, including details of all team members named ‘Coverpage – Group x Final Year 16 Report’. If a team member did not contribute, state this on the cover page. In addition, each team member must demonstrate their individual contribution by submitting their contribution separately (working papers, copies of hand written notes, drafts, etc – maximum five documents) at the link “Assessment 5 Year 16 forward Individual Working Papers”. If you do not submit evidence of your contribution, you will receive a zero grade for this assessment. Your report must also be submitted in the Turnitin Link.

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