A laboratory process receives medical samples from hospitals in its arrange and then subjects them to a number of tests that take place in different parts of the laboratory. The average response time for the laboratory to complete all its tests and mail the results back to the hospital (measured from the time that the sample for analysis arrives) is 3 days. A recent process map has shown that, of the 60 minutes that are needed to complete all the tests, the tests themselves took 30 minutes, moving the samples between each test area took 10 minutes, and double-checking the results took a further 20 minutes. What is the throughput efficiency of this process? What is the value-added throughput efficiency of the process? (State any assumptions that you are making.) If the process is rearranged so that all the tests are performed in the same area, thus eliminating the time to move between test areas, and the tests themselves are improved to halve the amount of time needed for double-checking, what effect would this have on the value-added throughput efficiency?

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