41. Mr. Bleaky is a 65-year-old widow who was visiting her friend from out of town. She has been experiencing a severe headache with blurred vision for the past three hours, and her friend insisted that she go to the emergency unit. The doctor admitted her for observation and she will be having an MRI test that is booked for tomorrow. Mrs. Bleaky is pale and diaphoretic. There is a slight tremor in both her hands. Her friend has left and she is alone in the semi-private room. The nurse asks the client if there is anything that she is would like at the moment and she responded with a slight tremor to her voice, saying, “don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay, I guess” when the nurse asks about her family, she says that she has one son who lives in Ajax with his wife and two small children. She usually talks to her son on a regular basis especially when she has problems.


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