2750-word essay in which students provide an account of a therapeutic relationship they have formed with a client from clinical practice. Included within this should be a profile of the client from their individual perspective, your reflections on the therapeutic encounter and a discussion relating to the principles underpinning mental health nursing assessment and care planning. 2) An evidence-based care plan for the client discussed within the account. This should incorporate risk assessment and management within a CPA framework. (500-word equivalent) Assignment Guidelines 1) The essay should include: Introduction A clear statement of the aims of the essay Introduce the client, their background and the context of care. This needs to be in accordance with NMC guidelines of confidentiality. Within this you should present the perspectives of the Mental Health Services. For example, the clients diagnosis, any nursing assessment that was conducted and subsequent care needs that were identified along with any interventions. A statement of how you will be linking theory and practice using examples from practice. A statement of how you plan to conclude the essay Main Body Discuss the clients own perspectives on his/her mental health problems. Within this you should endeavour to present an empathetic understanding of their views and experiences. Does this differ to the view of mental health services? Using a theoretical framework discuss and analyse a therapeutic relationship formed with a client from your clinical practice. You should examine factors that either assisted or prevented you in developing the relationship. Explore how you established trust, developed rapport and maintained a therapeutic alliance and then ended the relationship Relate how the principles underpinning mental health nursing assessment and care planning were relevant to this relationship. Consider how risk was assessed and managed with the individual and reflect on how this affected the relationship that you developed. Conclusion Summarise the key points raised within the main body and present reasoned conclusions from the informed discussion Reflect on your personal learning and identify any implications for practice 2) The Care Plan Develop an evidence- based Care Plan for the individual identified within your essay. This should incorporate risk assessment and management within a CPA Framework. This will involve: Demonstrating evidence-based knowledge of mental health assessment and identification of needs, establishing aims and objectives, care planning and delivery of interventions, and evaluation of the effectiveness of care through engagement with the literature. Pharmacological interventions and medication management should be included You need to ensure your identified interventions are linked to the appropriate literature to demonstrate an evidence base You must include a contingency and crisis plan

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