(1) What is your opinion on the feature above (attached), and how do chapters 2 and 4 concepts apply to help understand your view?

(2) What relevant work experience (that shows your leader development or can help your development as a leader) or individual leadership development plans do you have that relate to either view?

(3) What knowledge of a CEO or organization do you have (use research) that relates to either view?

(4) Did you share your external research in answering any of the questions above? List the research references used and cite this research in answering any questions above.

*Cite at least 2 reliable external sources in the discussion a in way that shows the contribution of the source to the discussion. Provide the reference details for the source. Ensure the resource is published (journal, trade magazine, news article, book, online publication that provides at least the year, title, and author, and source and/or weblink of the piece). No blog sources count toward the external research requirement – but you can include them for sharing interesting perspectives. See the course “home” “resources” for Research and Library Articles (resources) for help and APA guide to share citations and reference details.. Research and Library Articles

*Extra Resources (see my first post for details):

  1. Personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers type theory (
  3. (Links to an external site.) or

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