Theory X managers are likely to believe that:

a. The average employee dislikes work and will seek to avoid it when possible.

b. Employees are motivated mainly by the chance for advancement and recognition.

c. most employees know more about their job than the boss.

d. job satisfaction is primarily related to higher order needs. John sometimes ignores the bad behavior of one of his more difficult employees because he thinks the employee is acting this way because they want attention and to feel important. The ignoring of the behavior is an example of

a. Negative reinforcement

B. Extinction

C. Equity theory

d. Positive reinforcement 19 If her employees do a good job on an assignment, Yolanda will make sure to compliment them on their efforts, in order to encourage them to continue doing excellent work.

This is an example of:

a. Positive reinforcement

b. Extinction

c. Negative reinforcement

d. Equity theory The market consists of organizations that want goods and services to either use themselves or to sell, rent, or supply those goods to others

a. target

b. super

C. consumer

d. B2B?

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