Metrics Estimation Analysis and Teams Assignment 2015


Assignment Part 1 (20)%


You are a newly appointed project manager at Reliable Software Ltd (RSL). You have been asked to produce an evaluation of team collaboration tools. Construct a set of criteria with associated scales to measure a product’s compliance against the criteria, then carry out an evaluation on three shareware team collaboration tools and report your results. Your report should include a discussion of your criteria and scales.



Assignment part 2 (25%)


Table 1 defines the information that RSL has captured on previous projects. Table 2 shows the estimates for the equivalent parameters for the components of a new project.

Using whichever techniques you wish, generate estimates for the effort required to develop the components of the new project.

What reservations would you have in using such data?


Effort Commands User Requests User Messages Entities Used Printouts Data Base Accesses Amount of reuse %
3141 56 15 5 21 11 77 17
3062 8 10 3 18 5 2 11
1977 18 19 0 31 1 9 1
1710 0 5 0 61 1 19 14
374 22 4 0 1 6 2 0
421 50 2 1 6 6 9 1
188 46 4 0 0 4 0 0
1167 20 2 1 11 6 13 3
188 4 2 0 0 1 7 0
864 25 22 0 0 12 4 11


Table 1 Past Data




Effort Commands User Requests User Messages Entities Used Printouts Data Base Accesses Estimated amount of Reuse %
Component 1 22 1 1 22 3 20 10
Component 2 16 12 4 15 5 11 0
Component 3 18 13 3 5 4 16 5
Component 4 54 2 4 1 17 3 8

Table 2 Estimates of equivalent parameters for the components of a new project



Assignment part 3 (40%)

The following page contains data collected from a project at RSL.  Provide an analysis report to indicate which components would be of concern going forward. You must provide the graphs and analyses you have used not just an identification of the components.



Assignment Part 4 (15%)


Produce a contingency plan (with fictitious information) for a risk of a project overrunning due to unavailability of key expert staff in the design stage when it was expected. i.e Originally it was planned  you would have access to the staff from 1st April to 1st September but due to other delays it is unlikely that you will be in a position to have the staff available at that point. The earliest date for the original staff to become available is expected to be 15th. July. You become aware of this issue mid February.


Guidance for Students


A distinction level answer will be based on sound application of the ideas from the course applied in a clear and concise manner. Where assumptions have to be made they will be clearly documented. The answer will demonstrate wider reading than just the material covered directly on the course, and where appropriate an integration of ideas from different elements of the course.


A passing level answer will not demonstrate the wider reading and or integration of material and will be less clearly written with potentially some missing assumptions.


A failing level student will produce answers which are what one would expect if the material had only been lightly studied. There would be errors in understanding or logic, with little or no evidence of wider reading and integration of ideas.

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