Annotated bibliography refers to a list of writings alongside the date of publication. It is a citation that has an annotation. Annotation refers to some notes that accompany a bibliography. The notes are descriptions of the major issues of the bibliography. All academic papers have a bibliography list. The bibliography comprises of books, articles, research papers, and other sources used in writing the paper. The notes summarize the major arguments for each source used.  An annotated bibliography evaluates a source and acts as a review platform. By reviewing the source, the source is justified that its relevant to the topic being addressed. It offers the purpose of utilizing a certain source and its significance to the topic at hand. There are different types of annotated bibliographies. Some papers require that the author summarizes and not asses the sources. Some require commenting on patterns of similarity of various sources while others require the author to provide a rationale for the selection of the source.


Is Annotated Bibliography Mandatory? 

A list of bibliography adds credibility to the issues an author raises in a paper. In addition, the bibliography is a sign that sufficient research has been conducted and has gathered the relevant information in supporting the arguments raised in the paper. Things change rapidly; information that may be factual at one point in time may get outdated as time passes by. Bibliography plays a significant role in providing the timeline of the information presented in a paper. Annotated bibliography assists other authors who may use the annotated sources to find relevant sources for their topic. We provides free annotated bibliography paper samples and tips on how to write annotated bibliography papers.


Significance of Writing Annotated Papers

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